Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tot School: On the Farm - Week 1

Andy is currently 36 months old

Tot School

Last week was our very first week of Tot School. It was also the week in which Andy turned 3 so we made our theme for the month of September to coincide with the theme of Andy's birthday party which was 'The Farm'. We are covering 'Farm Animals' in the first two weeks of Sept., 'Farm produce' in the third week and 'People and Equipment on the Farm' in the fourth.

We started Monday off with Andy asking to 'play' tot school outside. So luckily it being a sunny day amongst the still cold wintry weather we trekked outside to start on our farm animals lapbook...

We started off very simply with our Tot trays this week as we were so busy with party preparations. I bought these place mats instead of trays because I can't find appropriate trays anywhere so once I find it I'll upgrade to proper trays. These work great for now though.

He did farm animal stickers, made some of his own party packs and played with his farmyard felt board...

On rainy days when Mommy was baking for the party Andy built a 'Soft House' (blankets draped over chairs) and settled down with some audio books...

Andy helped a lot with decorating his birthday cake (apart from licking out bowls and snacking on decorations - one only has a birthday once a year)...

The finished cake after Andy and I spent a whole morning in the kitchen...

One of our cute little lambs...

and a chick...

Andy took his felt farmer from his Tot Tray and played that the cake was his farm...

My sister-in-law came to visit one day and Andy decorated some cupcakes into more lambs and chicks...

On Friday (his birthday) my sister came to visit for the day with her two girls (because they couldn't make it to the official party) so Andy had a little pre-party...

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  1. I'l have to take our tot school outside someday.

    The cake is too cute!

  2. That cake is way too cute! Great job! Here is where Carissa (from 1+1) and lots of us have gotten the trays:

    Its 9.99 for 6 of them. They are great!

  3. Love the cotton ball sheep and your cake/cupcakes for the farm theme is AWESOME!!

    LOVE your farm fun!

  4. Your cake to SOOOOO cute! Love it!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! That cake is adorable. I'm adding farm to my list of birthday themes.

  6. Those cupcakes and cake are great!!! What a fun idea for a farm theme!!

  7. What a fun week! We too are doing a farm theme! What a cute cake! So creative!