Friday, September 18, 2009

Great Posty Day

Andy received two parcels today! The first was from his two friends, Michaela and Zoe, in Middleburg who sent him an adorable set of farm animal fridge magnets that you mold and paint yourself. We did the first step this afternoon because it has to set for 24 hours and he was very excited!

The second was a parcel from Aunty Lisa, Uncle Simon and Juliet in London. It's a beautiful Aesop's Fables book...

Which he put us to reading straight away...

A BIG THANK YOU to Jerushia, Michaela, Zoe, Lisa, Simon and Juliet. You really made Andy's day!

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  1. I will officially be starting Totschool week 1 this week (been doing things on our own for a while now)but I am making it official!

    I hope you are not going to mind too much but i am going to be "stealing" Loads of your ideas...Not a creative mommy - more like a sheep mommy - follow where others who can do better lead.

    As a P.S. I used to see you on the LL forum but have not for a long time now. I m still there but I still remember all the yummy things you cooked and baked.