Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Open Ended Art - Bean Mosaic

This is the first week of Open Ended Art for us. The theme is Bean Mosaic so I put out some lentils and peas (close enough to beans) for Andy to make his masterpiece. He wanted to stick some pom-poms on too and of coarse wanting to encourage creativity I put those out as well and seeing as we missed out on the first mosaic week (which I think was paper) I put some of that out too. So all in all Andy had a creative blast and loads of fun (I'm sure I'll be forgiving the variation on the bean theme as the main point of Open Ended Art is to have fun)... :)

Here is the masterpiece...

To see what bean mosaics others have done go here.


  1. Welcome to open-ended art! I love your masterpiece! I think the most important part of open-ended art is for a child to have fun, and Andy clearly had it.

  2. welcome to Open Ended Art we are so glad you joined he did a great job! its very pretty! :)

  3. I really like what your little one made. It is so colorful, creative and unique!

    Super job, and he looks so very patient and into his project!!

  4. you were great to include the paper and pom poms.. you allowed him to create something on his own which is the point of open ended art... his finished project looks great! :)