Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Learning Corners: Favorite Spot


We recently moved our school area to a section of the lounge. It used to be half of one of our two bedrooms which was also sleeping and toy areas so you can imagine how cramped the room was. So I decided to make a third of our lounge into our school area with only school supplies and the room for sleeping and toys. Wow what a wonderful change. The sun streaming in through the sliding doors, the birds chirping and starting off the school day with picking fresh flowers for our sunny school 'room'. The patio leads directly onto the grass so Andy can pop out at any time and have a run around or work in our little herb garden.

Our Tot School Area...

I labeled and organized our drawers so everything has it's own place and Andy's Tot Trays has their own place at Andy's level and are always accessible...

Taking frequent breaks to play in the garden... Spring is here now but there's still a bit of winter weather predicted in the near future so we're waiting till the Spring weather officially starts to set up the sand pit and his little swimming shell. He's really looking forward to it.

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  1. What a nice little area you have created there for your learning center!

  2. I love both areas! we play outside and learn alot outside too! I love how you have everything in drawers and labeled! I need to do that i'm awful at not labeling so i have to search :)

  3. You are very organized. I love how you have so many drawers for Andy to keep his things. He'll get used to structure early on :)

  4. I'm also very impressed with how organized you are! That's a great space for learning as everything has its place and is easily accessible.