Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Open Ended Art: Play Dough/Clay Mosaic

This weeks theme for Open Ended Art hosted by Growing And Learning by Leaps and Bounds is Play dough/Clay Mosaic. And what a fun theme it was!

Andy made some salt dough...

Which we cut into squares...

And he pasted it onto a little flower pot...

We left it in the sun to dry and then he fetched it in to paint it (with these cute paints we had left over from another project)...

He also experimented by painting with the back of the brush...

"Spring has sprung and the grass has riz, I wonder where all 'em flowers is!" - as my Mom would say. Andy cut some 'flowers' for his pot. So far we've mostly been cutting lavender and herbs for our School area, waiting for the spring flowers to appear...

Andy doing some 'flower/foliage' arrangement...

And the finished project...

To see other fun Play Dough / Clay Mosaic projects pop over.


  1. i love this project... good thinking and very creative

  2. That is beautiful!! Very creative!

  3. I loved this! How exciting for him to create a flower pot to display his foliage in! Great idea!

  4. This is awesome! Your ideas are so fun and creative. I love what you did with this!

  5. This turned out so great! I love that he got to make his own dough too.

  6. wow - looks really good! this is an awesome project! we might try something like this for a play group project

  7. This is so pretty! And what a great gift it would make!

  8. I love the pot he made! I also like how the whole project was his - from dough through plant arranging.