Thursday, September 17, 2009

Andy 'Reading'

I often wish I had Andy's memory. I can hardly remember what we did last weekend let alone the content of six different books every week. We take six books out of the library for Andy each week and after a few days he knows keywords in some books and other books he knows word for word. I must admit sometimes when we do our bedtime reading I get a bit drowsy and so shorten the very long books a bit but lately I've been caught out as even in the very long books Andy listens out for and remembers key words and if I miss them (when shortening the text) he says "No you must read..." and he names the sentence which I missed. Anyway here's a book that we took out of the library last week and this video was taken after he had the book for about 4-5 days. You might not be able to make out what he's saying some of the time but he's reading the whole book word for word (and he's very proud of the fact too). :)

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  1. Uncle Simon gives you a big thumbs up! Well done Andy!!