Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'Digesting' 2011

I am not going to attempt making excuses for not blogging in the past month because we all know 'life' happens, and sometimes in such abundance that time for blogging is non existent.  My husband was on leave for more than a month so life has been a busy whirl of outings, holidays, cooking gorgeous food, eating gorgeous food and spending loads of time with the family.  We started off our holidays with going to the annual homeschool camp for three days and then two weeks later we went camping again for a week.  Christmas day I spent at home cuddling Jane who had an awful tummy virus and the boys spent Christmas by my husbands family.  We had a gorgeous Sea Side holiday at Paternoster in early January and it was by far one of the best holidays ever!!!

Andy experienced his first time eating crayfish.  He really enjoyed it, especially getting the meat out of the legs...

So our school year has officially started as of last week. My husband is back at work and our lives are back to the normal routines.  We started by decluttering and tidying Andy's room so that it's neat and stream lined for clear thinking and fun times.  In between doing this we've started studying the human body and Andy is fascinated.  I find he's at such a nice age now where he can start understanding and appreciating the way the human body works.  This morning he chose fresh fruits for breakfast and when he ate a nectarine the skin was a bit sour.  Usually he would eat the flesh and leave the skin but he asked me "Mommy, is the skin healthy?".  I explained to him that all parts of the fruit contains nutrients and without another word he ate all the skin and flesh and continued eating his other fruit.  I find it so beautiful because we've been studying the digestive system and he's been very fascinated with the journey food takes through our bodies and the way our bodies use what it needs out of the foods we eat.  He's been very conscious of making healthy decisions  about the foods he eats with the only help from me being the answers to his questions whether the food is healthy or not.  I believe this is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle and food choices for his childhood and adult life.  We have such a HUGE responsibility because what we instill in them now as children makes a huge impact whether they will make healthy choices or not for the rest of their lives!!!  Here is the book I bought which has been such a great tool in teaching Andy about the body...

In the next few blog posts I would like to share a glimpse into our weekly homeschool activities and subjects and a few other things that I've been thinking of blogging about but never got the time to sit down and do it :-)

Happy learning! And remember, have FUN!