Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tot School - Week 6

Andy is currently 37 months old

Tot School

My Tot School posts were getting far too long, and even then I felt like I didn't get in all the details, so this week I did some daily posts so if you're interested in reading them just click on the link I will provide.

Here is a brief overview of our week:

Monday's Tot School

Tuesday's Tot School


We spent most of the day sorting through cupboards and Andy was a great help. He loved helping me sort out my sewing cupboard and sorted the threads and buttons very nicely...

We also did our Open Ended Art project.


We did some random Tot Trays including our stART project...

On Friday we spent the whole day visiting my sister and her girls. She hosted their homeschool nature study group in the morning so I baked some choc chip cookies while they were busy and we served it after lunch.

This post was so nice and quick and easy to put together! I find doing daily posts allows me to express everything at my leisure instead of cramming it all into one loooooooooong post once a week. :) And you don't have to read it all if you don't want to. ;)

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  1. What was the first tot tray on Thursday? a pegboard?

  2. Yes that's right. Sorry forgot to mention what they were :)