Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tot School: Thursday

So much for Spring being here (snort)! We woke up to the sound of rain outside and the wind was howling all day. And as for this evening, well, as I sit here I can hear it pouring with rain outside. So much for Spring (snort)!

Anyway we made the most of the weather again and kept busy with lots of housework today. Andy was a great little helper and I was really proud of him. He played a lot with his Tot Trays and other toys when not helping me with housework...

After he played with each thing he packed them all neatly away without me saying a word. I praised him each time though to show him that he's neatness and obedience is not going unnoticed.

He asked to go to the park so with it being so cold and the wind howling outside we bundled up real warm and blew all the way to the park, played with clattering teeth, and blew all the way back.

We read The Bad-Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle today and Andy made a ladybird out of paper and a cd for his stART project...

And last but not least we made some foam finger puppets from a kit I bought for him...

Andy had fun helping me cook supper this afternoon. He chopped the zucchini's real nice, did his regular supper prep chore - chopping garlic, and ate half a bowl of grated parmesan :)

We went to the library and got some great books so I'm off to take over from Daddy now and do another hour of bedtime reading. Better get a cuppa :)

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