Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Practical Life Tuesday

Our day started off with Andy's request before breakfast to 'play Baby Elastics'. I was just starting to have alarming thoughts of baby dolls being stretched to it's limits and rejoicing that we don't own any baby dolls when Andy said, "you know Mommy, what Wowo plays with me". Wowo is his Aunty Rachel and thank fully I recalled that on her weekly visit she plays 'Baby Gymnastics' with him so I proceeded to follow wild maneuvers demonstrated by Andy until it was decided that breakfast was to be served.

Andy did great with sweeping today and was only tempted once to hit the broom on the wall after sweeping. On previous occasions the broom was used for more brutal purposes and thus it was packed away high until he could use it properly. This seems to have worked wonderfully because on seeing the broom revealed his face lighted up and he declared that he "won't hurt anyone" and swept the lounge for me like the dear little boy he is :)

He loves 'ironing his own clothes'. He goes to his cupboard and fetches an item of clothing and unfolds it on the way to the ironing board. He then irons it, folds it up and then takes it back to his cupboard to fetch another item. When he does little household tasks as this it is amazing and adorable to observe how much he learns from watching me do these same tasks. I love the way he smooths the fabric with his free hand so that all the creases disappear.

Andy helps me with nearly all the cooking and baking. He's starting to be more of a real help now that he's getting older. Last night he was actually very helpfull with chopping the sausages for our Italian pasta so while I was busy with other preperations he patiently chopped them into slices and all I had to do was add them to the pot. Today we baked some biscuits and I don't even have to help him any more cause he rolls out, cuts and places it all himself. :)

And of coarse he ices them himself too...

The Tot Trays that we did today were great and when I was busy with housework Andy asked for his favourite audio book (The Giraff, the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl) and sat doing his Tot Trays at his school table.

We made this easy yet effective homemade game this morning by cutting paper towel rolls into different sizes so as to practice size sequence...

We re-did our I Spy Bottle after reading a very helpfull blog post by One Hook Wonder. We first took a photo of all the items before placing it into the bottle and then I enlarged it and printed out a copy. Andy has such fun with this. He points on the picture what he can spy in the bottle. A brillent idea!

And of coarse we had to put out our peg game inspired by Growing and learning by leaps and bounds because it's more tricky than all different colors and I believe that repitition results in perfection...

This evening we spent a cozy hour or more curled up on the couch together and I let Andy talk, and talk, and talk to his little hearts content with my full attention. He talked non-stop on various topics and I love to hear his views on things (he has many) and love to encourage him to express himself by occasionally asking a question which is always enthusiastically answered and at length. One of the things he said (and which is an example of how his imagination and reality often collides) is, "Remember when you saw me swimming in the water with all the fishies and the shark ate me up (with a sigh) I wonder when we're going to the beach again." Now I have never seen Andy swim because he refuses to and we don't force the issue and all his limbs are still in tact so no shark eating occurred so we both looked at each other and cracked up laughing. He's such a joy to be around and I enjoy his company so much. But esspecially being at home and together all day I believe it is very important to take time out of daily household chores and even Tot School fun to sit and have a face to face chat with nothing else taking our attention. We communicate all day long but these special talks with Andy makes me appreciate him so much more and lets me see and understand how he thinks and what a darling individual he is.

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