Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tot School

Tot School

We've decided to keep with the ocean theme until we officially start Tot School in the week Andy turns 3 years old which is in a week and a half's time. Tot School is really just recording through the week what you do with your toddler and sharing ideas with other parents of toddlers by posting about it once a week and in return getting ideas from them. It takes a bit of planning though as we will be doing themed Tot Trays as well as carrying on with our themed lapbooks. We haven't done Tot School at a younger age (it's from about 1 year old till PreK) for the simply reason that I only discovered it a few weeks ago and had to spend many hours reading up about it and searching for ideas etc. I feel now though that I am fully clued up and ready to start. We will be having a monthly theme with sub devisions on this theme for each week. Through experimenting I find toddlers are much more comfortable with repitition so keeping an overall theme for a month works much better than changing the theme each week - and it's less work for Mommy too - win, win situation!

We have decided to go with a 'On The Farm' theme for the month of September as we planned Andy's birthday party to be a Farmyard theme. So week 1 and 2 will focus on Farm Animals, week 3 on Farm Produce and week 4 on People and Equipment. I will be blogging about it so check in each week for my weekly Tot School post.

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