Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We're hoping to start with Muffin Tin Monday next week Monday but in the mean time here's our lunch for just an ordinary Tuesday. (I will be recording some meals for fun and the more meals I record the more I can look back on them and remember which ones Andy enjoyed most).

He had a snowman made from apple and banana on a skewer, a apple jaw (red apple as the lips with pistachio nuts stuck in as the teeth - pistachios are his favourite nuts at the moment) and a whole wheat 'carrot, apple and cinnamon' muffin (fresh out of the oven - at which he stated 'I'll have them hot, just one at a time okay Mommy?' - oh how this little guy cracks me up! :-)...

...after which he had 3 provitas (wholewheat crackers) with cheddar cheese, which also served as airplanes during the process of being devoured...

We made some homemade traditional shortbread today as well for tea time when Wowo comes for her weekly visit tomorrow. Andy LOVES to bake and prepare meals not only in real life but in play too. This afternoon he braught a kitchen chair into the room and told me to sit and watch him bake. He makes all kinds of things in play and it is facinating to see how acurately he does it... mixing, pouring, putting in the oven, checking up on it, smelling the delicious aromas, taking out of the oven and serving.

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