Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A thought before creating tomorrows to do list...

...so that we might look at this poem at the end of the day and answer, YES!

Did you have lots of fun with your child today?
Did you take time to climb, to run and to play?
Did you look at new things through his eager eyes?
Did you comfort and hold him when you heard his cries?

Were your fingers all sticky with paint and cold glue?
Was there enough play dough for him and for you?
Did you help him to cut, to paste and to thread?
Or did you sit quietly and watch him instead?

Was there enough time for a story last night?
Did you talk about why the stars looked so bright?
Did you talk about insects and why a bee stings?
Did you watch as a butterfly spread silky wings?

Your child's childhood years are so precious and few,
They're gone in what seems just a moment or two,
What he really needs most is for you to be there,
to love him and show him just how much you care.

by Doreen Maree

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