Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Homeschooling Handbook

I'm busy reading an excellent book called 'The Homeschooling Handbook' by Mary Griffith. I would recommend it to anyone considering, planning to, or who are already homeschooling. She covers everything you need to know describing different schooling methods as well as all the legal matters. It's so wonderful to have the opportunity of educating myself on all this before Andy starts his 'real' homeschooling years because then we can do everything the proper way from the start.

Her summaries of the different Theories of Learning are both eye-opening and interesting. I will leave you with a beautiful quote taken out of this section of the book.

Speaking on John Holt and his theory of Unschooling...
"Children learn best, not by being taught, but by being a part of the world, free to explore what most interests them, by having their questions answered as they ask them, and by being treated with respect rather than condescension.

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