Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 3 and 4: Truth in the Tinsel Advent Experience

On Sunday the 4th we caught up and did Days 3 and 4...

Day 3 had a treat a little too big for our Advent Calendar stockings so I put a little map in it along with the little Truth in the Tinsel clue.  The map led Andy to two marshmallow pies which he found under Jane's chest of drawers...

Afterward we did our Day 3 Zachariah ornament.  I searched everywhere for our googly eyes but couldn't find any so we used buttons instead and I promptly started organizing our craft supplies again.  It's amazing how quickly it gets in a muddle.

Everyday we do the extra 'activity' giving and Andy thought this the funniest.  We had to talk holding our tongue at the same time.  The effect was hilarious.  While we were driving back from visiting my mother in law Andy burst out laughing in the car and through his giggles he said he was thinking about when we talked while holding our tongue :)

Day 4 was the angel Gabriel.  Our craft supplies weren't entirely organized yet so I couldn't find any pipe cleaner which the wings were supposed to be made of but we're good at improvising by now right, so we used our trusty fun foam for the wings, scrapbook paper for the body and a Christmas bell ornament for the head.  This was a really pretty and fun one!

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