Monday, September 20, 2010

Farm take-along set

I try to have some 'creative' time for myself once a day so whether it's knitting 5 stitches or sewing a bib at least I keep my creative bug under control :)  Another thing I like to do is to read my favourite blogs once a week (usually on a weekend when I have a free hour or two when Luke takes Andy out and Jane is asleep).  I spotted this lovely project on Frugal Family Fun for a Farm take-along toy and I knew I just HAD TO make it for Andy's ever growing collection of farm animal toys.  I started the project about a month ago and completed it last week.  It was so much fun!  It could easily be done in a day if you have the opportunity of sewing without interruption.  It was so simple.  I just took her photo as a guide and made my own out of felt.  The playmat was hand stitched everything else I did on the sewing machine.

For a bit of a 3D effect to the play mat I stitched this lilly pad out of felt...

Andy took it with to his grandparents on the weekend and him and his cousin had such fun playing farm under the dining room table :)


  1. This is DELIGHTFUL - especially that water lily! I'm working on a farm playmat, too, but on a slightly bigger scale, which means it is taking forever to finish!!

    On another topic altogether: It was National Play Dough Day in the USA on the 18th, but I thought of hosting our our celebration and have declared this coming Thursday Joyful Mama's Play Dough Day. Would love for you and Andy (and Jane, of course!) to join us. More info at

  2. oh wow!
    I want one...thinking of if I can organise my time to fit trying to make one of these...lots of felt just lying in the house!

  3. This is FANTASTIC, Celiah Ann!! I'm so happy you made this -- it turned out beautifully!! I love the details you added, the lilly pad is SO cute! xoxo :-)

  4. I adore it!!! It's going to be my next project for lil man after I finish his magnetic fishing game. You've done a gorgeous job. And who said there is nothing to sew for boys!!!

  5. This is soooo stunning! Love it!