Monday, September 20, 2010

Andy's 4th Birthday Party

We had Andy's party at a indoor play place near to where we live called Kidz PlayZone.  And oh boy was it worth every cent!  The kids had a wonderful time and I didn't have any washing up - win/win situation I would say :)

Andy said he wanted a Tigger theme cause he chose the Winnie the Pooh party room so here's some pics of his Tigger party...

Having fun on the trampoline...

Jumping Castle...

The party room...

Party packs on the table.  Tigger buckets with lids...

The cake!  I ordered the cake from them cause I could hardly manage making the adult platters let alone bake and ice a cake.  It was sooooo delicious!  Andy loved it!

Tucking in.  Each party pack for 2 year olds and up had a 'real' cell phone as the party favor.  It's the case of a real cell phone with all the proper buttons and heavy too but obviously without a working screen.  They had such fun making phone calls.  In fact I had to wait for Andy to finish his conversation on his new cell phone before we could cut the cake.

I made some sweet and savoury platters for the adults table...

All in all we had a wonderful time and I will not be surprised if Andy's 5th birthday party is done in exactly the same way.  Why try improove on something that worked so well, hey!? 



  1. I am impressed with your platters...All in all looks like a lovely party!
    Happy Belated Birthday to Andy!

  2. Looks like you had tons of fun! We like going to PlayZone on the occasional Tuesday - they have a half-off special for toddlers then. And have you ever tried the cupcakes at their Honey Pot cafe?!

    I love how they did the party room up - so fun! Happy Birthday, Andy!

  3. Thanks for a lovely party. Daniel and I enjoyed it very much.
    Sonja and Daniel

  4. It was such a lovely party, I have to agree. Mouse loved joining in the fun and the loved the trampoline too!