Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We're moving!

I was hoping to get more blogging done this year but it looks like that'll have to happen once we've settled into our new place.  My husband and I have been thinking of moving closer to his work for quite some time now becauce he spends far too much time traveling everyday.  Our area of choice has been Pinelands from the start as it's an easy distance to his work and my parents and granny lives there :)

So a few weeks ago we went to view a place, liked it very much and now we're moving at the end of Feb.  Needless to say my days have been filled with decluttering, sorting, packing, cleaning etc.

We're very excited cause we'll be a 5 minute walk away from my parents' house, a 10 minute drive away from Andy's cousin and best friend, Jude, who is the same age as Andy, and we're right across the street from all the shops and the library!!!  So instead of having to buckle the kids up into the car and try entertain them both on the journey I can take the pram and be at the library in probably under 2 minutes!

I have a ton of stuff to blog about but no time to do it in so once we're settled in I'm hoping to have a bit more time to start recording once again what we are doing for homeschool.

Until then...


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