Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas presents for Andy's cousins

For the cousins' Christmas presents this year we are making DIY Bird Feeder Kits!  I came across the idea of making bird feeders out of pine cones a while back but then there's the issue of peanut butter smearing everywhere so how do you store it to gift!?  So I came up with the idea of making up a kit so each cousin can make his/her own feeder. :) 

So if you're still looking for gift ideas here's what I did...

First make the instruction tags.  I cut out squares of green card and used some pictures from a roll of Christmas gift wrap to decorate it...

Punch a hole in the top corner of each tag and write step by step instructions on the back of the tag.

Now gather your supplies.  Pine cones (we collected ours when we went camping last week), Peanut butter, bird seed, ribbon (1m per kit), containers for peanut butter, containers for seeds, sandwich/or freezer bags, tags and Popsicle sticks (I thought the Popsicle stick would be the perfect size and shape to get into the grooves).

Now fill your containers with peanut butter in some and seeds in the others (we found the pill containers were perfect for the seeds).

Fill each bag with a pine cone, a container of peanut butter, a container of seeds a popsicle stick and a piece of ribbon cut into a length of 50cm.  Thread another 50cm length of ribbon through the punched hole in the tag and tie the bag shut with a knot and a bow.

Now make a bird feeder with your lil' 'un.  Take the Popsicle stick and smear peanut butter onto each 'spike' of the pine cone (or you can simply roll it in the peanut butter and then roll it in the seeds).  Cover the p. butter with the seeds. Tie one end of the ribbon round the top and the other end round a branch in your tree.

Happy bird watching and Merry Christmas! :)

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  1. I wish I saw this post yesterday before I went to the plastic shop! Very cool idea.

  2. This is so wonderfully creative! We love feeding the birds and I never thought of this as a gift idea. How easy to put together. (Visiting from over at Christmas Sharing Time).